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Pisos, casas, apartamentos, chalets, obra nueva, locales, garajes, trasteros, terrenos y mucho más..

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Just what are you sexting? Parental methods, sexting perceptions and habits certainly Italian kids

Just what are you sexting? Parental methods, sexting perceptions and habits certainly Italian kids

Sexting has recently emerged as a general public health and public situation. The current analysis got two aims: a) to help you preliminarily test adolescent intercourse distinctions toward parental practices off adolescent online lifetime, parental overseeing, adolescent thinking on sexting and you may sexting practices; b) to help you separately try to have male and female teens an abstract model where sexting routines try informed me of the adult means and you will keeping track of, towards the mediation away from teenage bad attitude into sexting.


Direct and indirect links between the variables in the model were investigated. The study was carried out with 541 participants. Participants were Italian adolescents (60% males; 40% females) aged 14 to 19 years (Mage = 16,19 years, SDage = 1,31).


Abilities ideal one to people delivered a great deal more media sexts, got increased perception regarding exposure of this sexting and you will claimed large results for parental techniques from adolescent online lifestyle and you can parental monitoring. Guidelines towards Content, Adult Degree, Teenage Disclosure, and you will Parental Control resulted to end up being linked to one another sexting thinking and practices getting male and female teens.


Conclusions focus on the significant character one to mothers gamble during the framing thinking and behavior from both daughters and sons throughout the adolescence.


Over the past 2 decades, new progressive and you may all the more rapid development of communications technologies features provided to several alterations in how some body, and particularly teens, discuss, work together and connect to both. Given that advised from the Weber and you may Dixon , the newest “electronic community” is more and more starting to be more pervading: teenagers and youth will be really electronically connected https://datingrating.net/nl/scruff-overzicht/ using brand new communications media such as smart phones and social networking sites. This type of media permit them to feel constantly in touch from the revealing different varieties of content material, such texting, photographs and you can video. Furthermore, this new technology have also affected ways kids do the intimate relationship, explore and you can display their sex .

Recently, sexting keeps emerged as an occurrence drawing personal health insurance and societal notice. Sexting was a keen English term consolidating the text “sex” and you will “texting” (content away from text), to begin with talking about sms which includes intimate content . For the pass on of brand new technologies, including cellphones and you can instantaneous chatting and you may talk software (elizabeth.g. WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram …), the term has also been applied to what off upload toward social networking sites and you may buying and selling sexual content, such as for example images, clips otherwise images [sixteen, twenty-six, 41]. Thus sexting can be described as the brand new change (acquiring, delivering, giving and you may posting) regarding intimately explicit information (texts and you can/otherwise images/photos/clips out-of nude otherwise semi-nude) to your digital mass media as well as the Internet sites [16, 17, 26, 33].

Recently, brand new literary works has showcased an ever-increasing percentage of kids who knowledge sexting. According to one of the first international surveys carried out towards the sexting (Eurispes & Telefono [3, 4]), around 20% regarding kids received, in person delivered, otherwise published sexts online, when you’re new degree reported high proportions anywhere between 60 and you can 80% [22, 42].

Studies have investigated incidence of sexting according to sex, but results are have a tendency to inconsistent (to own a review see: ). Particular training [42, sixty, 67] showed large volume away from sexting habits one of men kids, however some almost every other education [9, 67, 71] suggested you to definitely men located sexts more often than women which the second located sext demands and you may posting sexts more often. To help you better learn these sex variations inconsistency, you are able to consider this new “Postfeminist” direction (elizabeth.grams. ) and therefore focused on lady sexual objectification throughout the latest news people. Considering which position, into the one-hand, adolescent females is actually requested which will make an intimate posts (i.e., the latest sext) once the a kind of thinking-display screen, which in some instances is visible just like the a measure of appeal and you will an alternative sort of feminine desirability. Although not, meanwhile, those individuals ladies which do such as for example sexting practices are often subject so you can peer moral condemnation and shaming. Likewise, adolescent males you are going to gain ratings indicating otherwise discussing girls’ photographs in the its fellow group .

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